Sunday, 9 March 2014

Three new Music items uploaded, with more to come:

  • Hymn to St Edmund, King & Martyr (recalling my time as precentor at St Edmundsbury Cathedral) - the words are by John Mason Neale
  • A Pilgrimage Hymn to Our Lady of Walsingham, commissioned from me in the early 1980s by the Anglican Shrine at Walsingham, but never used there
  • The Gospel Acclamations in Lent set to Genevan psalm tunes. There is a venerable tradition (in which Neale was the master) of setting the chants of the ancient liturgies to post Reformation hymn and psalm tunes in the tradition of Anglican Patrimony. I make no claims for the adaptations of the appointed chants from the Roman Lectionary, but it may be useful to have this noble music available for them to be sung to, rather than their being merely said, or replaced by a hymn or other liturgical song. The excellent Christoph Tietze did the same service for the Introit Chants, which are versified and sung to chorale tunes - dignified and beautiful effect - at the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption at San Francisco.
Please go to the Music page for the downloads. Everything I place there is free to use for personal and liturgical purposes.

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