Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Winter is Past

"This is My Son, my Loved One. Hear Him speak.”
But when I strain to gather all He says
there is a pause, a silence, nowadays
you only hear when, sheltered by a peak,
the wind is stilled - and stillness is not bleak
on hills, but rich in things a sound betrays.
I rest in hearing what’s not said amaze,
as in broad light I’d see no sight yet seek.
Somewhere a voice says, ‘Cry!’ What shall I cry?
Before, my heart was quiet, simplified.
Now must I chatter from my hurt and pride,
when Christ reviled would only bless and die?
My Loved One spoke: ‘The Kingdom is so near.
Therefore rise up and tell My love: no fear.’

(c) Mark Woodruff, 30 November 1996

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